MxMo: Daiquiri in Space!

So the good folks over at Putney Farm are the keepers of this month’s Mixology Monday. They’ve decided to make us all astronauts and see just what we could come up with by interpreting the word, “inverted.”

Permanently suspended in an endless frontier of possibilities.

Permanently suspended in an endless frontier of possibilities.

It seems that “inverted” really just means something “flipped on its head”. And that can mean almost anything, and leaves plenty of room for creativity. So we are going with the “inverted” theme.  You can invert the ratios of spirits, liqueurs or bitters in a cocktail, but we suggest you go beyond that and “invert” whatever you want. Spirits, name, ingredients, proof, color, geography, garnish and glassware are all fair game.  An apéritif made with Navy-Strength booze? Give it a try. A beer-based cocktail that tastes like champagne? Sure. A clear Manhattan? Worth a shot (and good luck with that). The only thing we expect is the unexpected. Have fun.

The inverted-inverted MxMo logo!

The inverted-inverted MxMo logo!

O-kay! I immediately thought (for whatever reason) Hot Daiquiri! I’d never had one, but I mean, it must be workable, right? There was a favorite flavor of mine missing though, and one I frequently use in my own versions of the daiquiri — ginger.

daiquiri in space, pre rum

I love ginger! I repeat, I love ginger. Ginger all the things! So then, what do you get when you add ginger to rum, lime and sweetness? My mother’s favorite drink: the Dark ‘n Stormy. Little did I know Putney Farm, themselves, were eyeing an inverted Dark ‘n Stormy, but it’s alright, we’ve inverted it in different ways, just going to show (again) how many ways a cocktail can be modified.

daiquiri in space, closeup

Daiquiri (daiquiri) in (in) Space! (space… space… space…)

  • 2 oz. Gosling’s Dark Rum
  • .75 oz. ginger syrup
  • 3 oz. hot water
  • .75 oz fresh key lime juice

Combine sugar and lime in a mug and add hot water. Pour in the rum over the back of a barspoon and marvel at the suspended heavens of rum floating atop the milky miracle of key lime and ginger. Stir it and drink!

daiquiri in space, first stir

daiquiri in space, second stir

This was a smooth drinking, cold weather miracle of a tipple. Seriously, it’s starting to rival Hot Scotch for me. In these outrageous, Southern California Februaries, where the days are a tropical 80 degrees and the nights a chilly sub-50 (that’s cold for us, alright!); this cocktail is a perfect bridge for the disparity of the paradox that is an oceanside, desert winter.

You can see all the cocktails submitted for this month’s edition of MxMo here in Putney Farm’s roundup post!

daiquiri in space, final

5 responses to “MxMo: Daiquiri in Space!

  1. So cool! I kind of liked it better visually before you stirred it though. I think you have to make this in front of someone as a party trick so that when you stir it, they at least got to see the rum floating on top!

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